Blessings On The Beach

“Finding the world in the smallness of a grain of sand”

A Beach Wedding can be richly symbolic and extraordinarily beautiful. Many writers and poets have used the sea as a metaphor for describing the ebb and flow of relationships.

Pledge eternal love with the sands of time beneath your feet and an azure sky or russet gold sunset overhead. Listen to a symphonic sea playfully ushering in a gentle tide to congratulate you on your wedding day.

Italy’s dramatic coastline is populated by beaches of various textures and hues. Some are jet black due to a history of volcanic activity, others are lined with white and grey pebbles smoothed by the waves but many are a haven of soft golden sand.

Beach weddings are fun, flexible and incredibly romantic. The choice is vast starting in the smouldering southern regions of Sicily, Sardinia with its famous Coast Smerelda, Amalfi, Isola di Procida Maratea and Cilento. Circeo, Ponza and Sperlonga are unusual beach locations just south of Rome and don’t forget the northern delights of Liguria, famous for both sides of its Riveria: (Riveria di Ponente and Riveria di Levante) including the sophisticated beauty of Portofino and Cinque Terre.

A Symbolic Beach Blessing is a fantastic photo opportunity and  perfect chance for you and your guests to savour the sensory delights of sun, sea and sand.

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